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Angel Bay burger patties and meatballs are designed so that when you serve our products, your family and friends will be convinced you’ve prepared them from scratch yourself. Based on a home-style recipe, beef/lamb, onions and breadcrumbs make up the foundation of our recipe and provide a product that is authentic in flavour and with the look of a hand-formed product.

Here is a list of suppliers that stock Angel Bay. If you would like to get Angel Bay delivered to your home, please check out our Australia delivery options.

Please note suppliers will have their own Terms and Conditions for ordering.

Queensland | Victoria 



ABD Poultry


Aliant Food Services


B & E Poultry


Brisbane Party Food Shop


City Country


Cooloola Food Service


Fraser Coast Foodservice  

NAFDA member.


Global Food & Wine


Hervey Bay Wholesalers


Markris Wholesale Foods


MOCO Food Services

Pick-up shop front.


North Coast Foods Bundaberg


Provincial Distributors




Randall Distributors


Sunshine Smallgoods 


Super Butcher


Superior Food Service


Sunshine Coast Food Services


Whitsunday Foodservice





Arctic Foods

Retail shop still operating.


Extra Foods




Metropolitan Foods



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